Table tennis players and fans from various countries visit(Tokyo)

ITS Mitaka(International Table tennis Stage Mitaka) has accepted customers from various countries and regions as an international table tennis club, as the club name suggests.

As a sister club, the prestigious Swedish table tennis club “Falkenberg Table Tennis Club”, established in 1925, has been interacting for many years.

The Australian Townsend brothers, who have participated in the World Championships, visit the club and practice on a yearly basis to receive coaching by Koji Oribe.
(Wade Townsend、Kane Townsend、Danni-Elle Townsend)

The photograph is the Townsend brother who has participated in the world championship as an Australian representative.
We stay for a long time each year before the important tournament etc. and are practicing in our club

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to visit from overseas.

An English-speaking staff will respond.

Contact information

Takahiro Oribe